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guint purple_timeout_add ( guint  interval,
GSourceFunc  function,
gpointer  data 

Creates a callback timer.

The timer will repeat until the function returns FALSE. The first call will be at the end of the first interval.

If the timer is in a multiple of seconds, use purple_timeout_add_seconds() instead as it allows UIs to group timers for power efficiency.

interval The time between calls of the function, in milliseconds.
function The function to call.
data data to pass to function.
A handle to the timer which can be passed to purple_timeout_remove() to remove the timer.

Definition at line 32 of file eventloop.c.

References purple_eventloop_get_ui_ops(), and _PurpleEventLoopUiOps::timeout_add.

Referenced by purple_connection_error_reason(), purple_dnsquery_a(), purple_idle_init(), purple_srv_resolve(), purple_stringref_new_noref(), purple_stun_discover(), purple_txt_resolve(), purple_upnp_discover(), and purple_upnp_set_port_mapping().

      PurpleEventLoopUiOps *ops = purple_eventloop_get_ui_ops();

      return ops->timeout_add(interval, function, data);

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