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void purple_media_set_output_volume ( PurpleMedia media,
const gchar *  session_id,
const gchar *  participant,
double  level 

Sets the output volume of all the selected streams.

media The media object the streams are in.
session_id The session to limit the streams to (if any).
participant The participant to limit the streams to (if any).
level The level to set the volume to.

Definition at line 3237 of file media.c.

#ifdef USE_VV
      GList *streams;


      purple_prefs_set_int("/purple/media/audio/volume/output", level);

      streams = purple_media_get_streams(media,
                  session_id, participant);

      for (; streams; streams = g_list_delete_link(streams, streams)) {
            PurpleMediaStream *stream = streams->data;

            if (stream->session->type & PURPLE_MEDIA_RECV_AUDIO
                        && GST_IS_ELEMENT(stream->volume)) {
                  g_object_set(stream->volume, "volume", level/10.0, NULL);

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