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gulong purple_media_set_output_window ( PurpleMedia media,
const gchar *  session_id,
const gchar *  participant,
gulong  window_id 

Sets a video output window for the given session/stream.

media The media instance to set the output window on.
session_id The session to set the output window on.
participant Optionally, the participant to set the output window on.
window_id The window id use for embedding the video in.
An id to reference the output window.

Definition at line 3263 of file media.c.

References purple_media_manager_set_output_window().

#ifdef USE_VV
      g_return_val_if_fail(PURPLE_IS_MEDIA(media), FALSE);

      return purple_media_manager_set_output_window(media->priv->manager,
                  media, session_id, participant, window_id);
      return 0;

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