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gboolean purple_media_is_initiator ( PurpleMedia media,
const gchar *  sess_id,
const gchar *  participant 

Gets whether the local user is the conference/session/stream's initiator.

media The media instance to find the session in.
sess_id The session id of the session to check.
participant The participant of the stream to check.
TRUE if the local user is the stream's initator, else FALSE.

Definition at line 3140 of file media.c.

#ifdef USE_VV
      g_return_val_if_fail(PURPLE_IS_MEDIA(media), FALSE);

      if (sess_id == NULL && participant == NULL)
            return media->priv->initiator;
      else if (sess_id != NULL && participant == NULL) {
            PurpleMediaSession *session =
                        purple_media_get_session(media, sess_id);
            return session != NULL ? session->initiator : FALSE;
      } else if (sess_id != NULL && participant != NULL) {
            PurpleMediaStream *stream = purple_media_get_stream(
                        media, sess_id, participant);
            return stream != NULL ? stream->initiator : FALSE;
      return FALSE;

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