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gulong purple_media_manager_set_output_window ( PurpleMediaManager manager,
PurpleMedia media,
const gchar *  session_id,
const gchar *  participant,
gulong  window_id 

Registers a video output window to be created for a given stream.

manager The manager to register the output window with.
media The media instance to find the stream in.
session_id The session the stream is associated with.
participant The participant the stream is associated with.
window_id The window ID to embed the video in.
A unique ID to the registered output window, 0 if it failed.

Definition at line 770 of file mediamanager.c.

References purple_media_get_tee(), and purple_media_manager_create_output_window().

Referenced by purple_media_set_output_window().

#ifdef USE_VV
      PurpleMediaOutputWindow *output_window;

      g_return_val_if_fail(PURPLE_IS_MEDIA_MANAGER(manager), FALSE);
      g_return_val_if_fail(PURPLE_IS_MEDIA(media), FALSE);

      output_window = g_new0(PurpleMediaOutputWindow, 1);
      output_window->id = manager->priv->next_output_window_id++;
      output_window->media = media;
      output_window->session_id = g_strdup(session_id);
      output_window->participant = g_strdup(participant);
      output_window->window_id = window_id;

      manager->priv->output_windows = g_list_prepend(
                  manager->priv->output_windows, output_window);

      if (purple_media_get_tee(media, session_id, participant) != NULL)
                        media, session_id, participant);

      return output_window->id;
      return 0;

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