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void purple_media_manager_remove_output_windows ( PurpleMediaManager manager,
PurpleMedia media,
const gchar *  session_id,
const gchar *  participant 

Remove all output windows for a given conference/session/participant/stream.

manager The manager the output windows were registered with.
media The media instance the output windows were registered for.
session_id The session the output windows were registered for.
participant The participant the output windows were registered for.

Definition at line 864 of file mediamanager.c.

References purple_media_manager_remove_output_window().

Referenced by purple_media_remove_output_windows().

#ifdef USE_VV
      GList *iter;


      iter = manager->priv->output_windows;

      for (; iter;) {
            PurpleMediaOutputWindow *ow = iter->data;
            iter = g_list_next(iter);

      if (media == ow->media &&
                  ((session_id != NULL && ow->session_id != NULL &&
                  !strcmp(session_id, ow->session_id)) ||
                  (session_id == ow->session_id)) &&
                  ((participant != NULL && ow->participant != NULL &&
                  !strcmp(participant, ow->participant)) ||
                  (participant == ow->participant)))
                        manager, ow->id);

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